Technology for travel & shipping goods by bus. Opening new business for carriers.

Mobility as a Service

Solutions for carriers of buses and coaches throughout the world.

Shipping by bus

Shipping parcels by bus you save time, money and protect the environment.

Eco friendly

If 1% of buses in Europe ship parcels, it saves 41.000 Metric Tons  CO2 yearly.

Advantages for bus companies

 All-in-one solution

In a single Web App for booking travel tickets and shipping parcels.

30% more revenue

Without any additional investments.

Solid & secure software

With many options, reports, multi-tenant, multi-user, cross-selling etc.

Update & assistance

Technical assistance & continous free updates. 

No fees

Transaction-driven business model

Attention to the environment and climate change

Less CO2

  • Protect the environment, through reducing the volume of CO2, optimizing the space not used by the bus travelers.

Less traffic & accidents

  • Optimizing bus luggage space also means less shipments, less traffic, less traffic accidents.

Less raw materials

  • Optimizing the space not used by the bus travelers means also reducing the consumption of raw materials

Advantages to end users

Save up to 80%

For private senders & up to 40% for companies.

Faster than carriers

Terminal to terminal within 24/48H. Faster than traditional carriers.

Best choice for long distance delivery

The most economical choice for long distance & cross-border delivery.

Marketplace guarantee

With feedbacks and ranking system

Customer care

A customer friendly support 

Book online & pay as you prefere

Secure online payments, bank transfer or pay locally in cash

Insurance coverage
Insurance coverage during transport.
All in few clicks

No wasting time for sending on demand. All pre-booked destinations calendar online.